Friday, October 31, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 14…but not.

Y'all.  Y'ALL.  I have been sick.  I mean….thought I was going to die sick.  If you remember in my last couple of 31 days posts I mentioned that I'd been fighting a cold.  Well, that cold decided to return and wreak HAVOC I tell ya.  I ended up on 4 antibiotics and a crazy amount of bed rest.  All in all, it was about 3 weeks from start to finish of this cold turned sinus infection turned horrible migraines.  Did I also mention I'm pregnant?  

Oh man…I was so excited to be sticking to my guns with this 31 days thing.  I was actually doing it every single day, staying up late and writing and feeling like I was actually accomplishing something.  Ya know…for all my millions of followers.  

Actually, it was really just for me.  To set a goal and to achieve it.  Yes, I'm type A.  Yes I like making lists and scratching things off my list.  And this 31 days thing was huge on my list.

But getting sick caused me to do NOTHING.  Literally. My hubs ordered me to bed and took care of {mostly} everything.  But this last week as I've finally felt human again, I've had to catch up on everything else: massive piles of laundry, house cleaning, bills, etc.  The blog came in dead last on the priorities list.

All that to say, I am back!  And I will spend the next couple of days wrapping up the reno.  Stick around…it's gonna be good. See y'all tomorrow!  (and because I like to tempt you to come back…here's a sneak peek of our living room after the reno was complete….)