Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 7

Today I am going to show lots of pictures without tons of explanation.  Hopefully the pictures can do the talking for me.   :)

But first I should be honest with you and tell you that these pictures were taken after about 3 days of working non-stop on the house.  Walls were removed, plumbing turned off, electrical wiring re-configured (so we could still have power without killing ourselves), and lots more you don't even want to know about (like getting those toilets out of the house and into the dumpster. GROSS). 

You may be wondering why, in the midst of the demo, are there still drapes on the walls?!  Well, that was my brilliant husband's idea.  He shut them every night so people couldn't see in and either get nosy or else try to steal power tools that were left on the job site.  And since we didn't care if they got dirty or not, I was fine with those cat-hair infested drapes to stay put.

This is what was once the master bedroom:

Old master and bathroom:

See those black spots on the floor?  That's no good. It's rotten floor and had to be torn out and replaced (eventually).

These are the other 2 bedrooms.  That bedroom on the left is the only room in the whole house that was left un-touched (except for paint color).  It's getting ready to go through another "mini-reno" process as we turn it into a nursery for baby #4!

Here's a random funny fact for ya:  as we took the walls down, we found out that they had been insulated with NEWSPAPER.  I mean, I am no construction guru (that's my husband), but even I was laughing at the discovery of newspaper in between all of the walls.  I wondered if those poor people froze during these Canadian winters!? Like I said, random.  But I thought maybe somebody would get a kick out of it.

Well that's about it for today!

Tomorrow we move downstairs so you can see what it looked like after Ryan and his guys got all of the walls removed.  Think....gross.

See y'all tomorrow!

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