Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 11

Oh y'all.  I'm sick.  Like the throat burning, ears ringing, nose dripping kind of sick.  And I feel like doing just about anything but typing on my computer.  My bed is calling me.  BUT, I am gonna do my best to get my head out of this fog and at least throw some pictures up of our house after the siding and old windows were all taken off.  And as I mentioned, my throat really hurts, so I'm not gonna do much chatting, k?

All of the siding was taken down because…well, because it was gross.  And the windows were all single-pane windows, which means that they provided little-to-no insulation.  We then had to order new ones.

That's my bro-in-law, Jordan.  Hi Jordan! Thanks for giving up a Saturday to work on our house!

There are 3 of my kiddos doing who-knows-what with their cousin.  (Hey Noah! Don't fall out of that window!)

Here's the house after the new double-pane windows were put in and the black-paper stuff (again, that's the official name) was wrapped around the house. She's already looking like less of a dump isn't she?

You may have noticed our new front door…more on that tomorrow. 

Here's the house before, just so you can remember with me:

Ok, it's bed time for me.  (sniffle cough cough)


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