Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 13

Confession:  I skipped a couple of days writing!  BUT…it was Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, and I just couldn't stop everything to write.  And then yesterday my cold decided to come back with a vengeance.  So I am writing through a cloud of tylenol and diclectin.  Forgive me.

Today we are talking about appliances!  

Man-o-man.  WHY in the world are there so many choices when it comes to appliances?  I'm a woman and I like shopping as much as the next lady, but c'mon…sometimes we just need fewer choices to make the whole process easier.  

When we started shopping for appliances I was given the measurements of what sizes I needed from my father-in-law, who designed our kitchen.  The first place we hit up was Boss Wholesale Appliances.  They refurbish high-end appliances like Bosch and they work strictly with new appliances that have been dented/damaged during transport: dishwashers, fridges, etc.  

While we were hoping to get most of our appliances from Boss, we were only able to find a fridge that worked with our dimensions.  However, we saved a whole ton of money!  I wasn't overly specific on what kind of fridge I wanted, but we were doing SS and I knew that I loved the french-door style.  I also really, really did NOT want the water-dispenser on the outside.  (We've had the water dispenser feature before and my lovely children seemed to constantly get water on the floor).    We were quoted $2,299.99 for a brand new fridge at a "regular" store.  But at Boss we only paid $1150 for this stainless steel Samsung fridge:

We ordered pretty much everything else from Trail Appliances.  We needed a dishwasher, a gas range, and a microwave (WHY are microwaves SO expensive?!).  All in, we spent $3181 on those 3 appliances that were brand new.  The "splurge" was definitely the dishwasher.  It was only $750 but that was relatively expensive compared to the others I was looking at.  It has the hidden buttons so no kiddos can turn the cycle on or off.  And it also has the stainless steel tub on the inside.  But the MAIN THING is this: my dishwasher can hold THREE 9X13'S.  At the same time.  Did I mention I have 3 boys and a husband who are eating me out of house and home?  To be able to wash that many big things at the same time means 1 thing for me:  no standing at the sink and scrubbing dishes.  The splurge was worth it!!

I am not going to put pictures up of the appliances inside the house.  Yet.

Speaking of the house, let's get back to it, shall we?  

Come back tomorrow!! 

Hope you're feeling better than me!


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