Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 8

Yesterday we left off with the upstairs of our house pretty much torn apart.   Today we get to move downstairs to see what it looked like after the initial demo-process.

Do you see that toilet in the corner over there?  Spoiler alert: my oldest son's bed now sits in that exact spot.  I like to remind him from time to time that his room is actually a bathroom.  He doesn't think it's funny.  But hey, he's only 9.

Are you a visual learner?  I am.  So sometimes I need help along the way.  For those of you like me, here's a reminder of what that bathroom area looked like before:

Now moving onto the laundry room, which was actually to the right of that bathroom.  We found all sorts of goodies behind the dryer including, but not limited to, books, bugs, and dust:

Here's a picture before we took out the washer and dryer (which we sold, by the way!  For $600!).  It was the oddest little nook to shove a washer and dryer into:

This was the kitchen area:

Here's a before of the kitchen:

Honestly, the downstairs was such a mess, and the layout was so confusing, that it doesn't make much sense for me to do many before/afters.  So I'll just show you the torn apart pictures in order for you to get a feel of what we had to work with:

So there's the downstairs all torn apart and ready for something to get done!  

Come back tomorrow!  We're gonna talk framing and roofing. Girl-style. ;)


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