Saturday, November 1, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 15

I hope you liked the sneak peek picture I posted yesterday.  The "after" pictures are always SO much more fun!  And I will be finishing up the reno this week, in an effort to complete the 31 days in…well, in less than 31 days.  So there'll be plenty more pictures this week! :)

Back to the house mid-renovation.  This was a fun day!  We had the dry wall delivered:

 We also had the back yard slab poured:

Prepping for the pour...

See the concrete truck over there to the left?
 And here she is all done:

That concrete slab is the foundation for our new back deck and it also houses a storage unit.  You'll see in up-coming pictures.  

And here's what it looked like before, just so you can remember along with me:

Tomorrow I'm gonna throw some pictures up of our master bathroom area.  The floor was completely rotted out and had to be replaced.  Surprises like that are always fun, hey?

Speaking of surprises….we find out the gender of baby Friesen in 5 sleeps. (That's our method of count-down in these parts).  AHHH!  Expect a whole other blog on that topic! :)

See ya tomorrow friends,

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