Sunday, November 2, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 16

Did you know that in Canada master bathrooms are not called master bathrooms?  They're called ensuites  (pronounced "on-suites").  In Canada they also call a bathroom a washroom.  But because I am American, and I sometimes like to be a rebel, I am going to refer to our master bathroom as our master bathroom.  I thought about master washroom as a compromise.  But it sounds too weird.

Moving on...

After we took all the floors out of the top story of the house, my husband was THRILLED to find that the floor was all rotted out in the area that was to become our master bathroom.  (Which is another GOOD TIP: plan on the unplanned!  You'll spend more money than you think.  You just will.)  

See that black spot in the upper right corner?  Yeah…that's not supposed to be there.

In fact, it wasn't just rotted out, there was a hole:

If you looked down that hole you could see the downstairs bathroom.

So Ryan had to rip out those floors and replace them with new studs and new plywood:

So if you walk away from today with anything it's this: when doing a reno or building a house, always plan on extras.  Unexpected little things always pop up.  Luckily for us, my husband does this for a living so we didn't have to hire anyone or pay for any supplies.  But still…it was a good sobering reminder that everything doesn't go according to our plans.  (Pardon me while I preach for a minute, but sitting here on my desk is Proverbs 16:9 which says, "A man's heart plans his ways but the Lord directs his paths."  That's a good word at any time, but I thought it especially fitting for today's little blog about these unexpected things that pop up.  It's a reminder, at least to me, that I can make all the plans I want (beautiful plans!), but it truly rests in my God's hands as to which path he puts me on and when.)

Alright!  Have a great day.

See y'all tomorrow,

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