Monday, November 3, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 17

Today we're gonna look at the inside of the house again in the last phase of construction.  Tomorrow we'll look at the outside of the house one last time. And after that….the big reveal will begin. Woo hoo!

So here she is in the last week or so before we moved in.  I tell ya, we had all sorts of people (friends, tradesmen, etc.) that were coming over saying "there's no way.  You can't move in this fast.  The house won't be done."  As it so happens, Ryan and I like to prove people wrong.  Not in a rub-it-in-your-face kind of way.  More in a subtle watch-and-learn kind of way.  Sorta like our marriage.  "Getting married so young?  Why? Don't do it!"  Almost 12 years, 2 countries, and 3.5 kids later, we are subtly proving those nay-sayers wrong.  (Or else I have issues and can't let go of certain things?) 

But I digress!

On to the house…

I had a vision of what  I wanted our mantle/fireplace area to look like. Ryan took that vision and instead applied it to the entrance of the house.  Which I was totally fine with!  Here it is underway:

These panelled walls are definitely the shining star of the house.  We love them. They're easy to clean (magic eraser, anyone?), and they make for a great statement.

Here's my (hairy and very,very tired) man. Yep…he's awesome. 

We also had the kitchen and all of the bathroom cabinetry delivered the week before we moved in.  It was one of the last things we had done.  Seeing my father-in-law's company truck pull up to deliver these cabinets was one of my very FAVORITE days!!!

Here's the boys downstairs bathroom cabinets mid-installation  (and the toilet was just hanging out there…it wasn't actually staying in that spot. In case you're wondering if we like weird floor plans).  

And here's our master bathroom:

Oh!  So close to showing you the afters.  Seeing as how I was sick for so long and it took me a good 2 weeks to get back at blogging, I figure it's only fair to wrap things up early.  I'll be eliminating some of our DIY projects, but that's ok.  We're all in this for one thing…the after pictures. 

See y'all tomorrow!


  1. I obsess over your renovations! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you did! Can you tell me more about what you did/used for the entry walls? Thanks girl!

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