Tuesday, November 4, 2014

31 Days to a Complete Home Renovation: Day 18

Today's the last day we will look at the before pictures of the house!  Let's wrap this bad boy up!

We (ok, Ryan, not me) added a covered entrance to the front door area:

 In fairness, I have to say that the siding was the last thing we worried about.  It didn't get completely finished until February.  The inside was our main concern so we could moved in by our 28 day time-frame.

 So here is the house in February after the last of the siding was completed:

That soft gray color is just how the siding comes when it's primed.   Which I didn't mind at all.  In an effort to save money I suggested to my husband (who owns a construction company, mind you) that we just leave it that primed color and save money on paint.  If he were one to give dirty looks, then that was the time he did it.   Because you can't very well leave a house only primed with nail holes showing.  Duh.  So we obviously got around to painting it. 

Now take a look down and you'll see the back of the house (and 2 of my 3 kiddos) before the deck and siding was done.  Notice that the storage area there is yellow?  That's because I decided I wanted a yellow house.  So we bought tons of yellow paint.  And then I changed my mind and we went with gray.  It was about a $300 mistake.  But that was ok in the long run because a) we love it and b) we love it. 

On top of that yellow storage area is our deck (prior to having the railing put up).  And the stairs were also (obviously) under construction.   

Also, please note that no kids feet were burned during the renovating of this house.  Thanks. 

And that's it for the before pictures friends!  Tomorrow I will start a walk through of the house and all of the after pictures!!!!!


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