Sunday, January 15, 2012

A New Year, A New Adventure

Well, it's here! 2012. Whew...for my little Friesen five fam, this is a year we've both dreaded and looked forward to.  I'm kinda happy the way God has worked all of this out for us, timing our new adventure with the new year. It feels appropriate in many ways. The death of one season and finding new life in the next season.  It's just beautiful the way the Father works out even those little details.

So, a brief update: we have made the big MOVE!

Our moving crew. Aka...our friends.  :)

This was my moral support on moving of my best friends,  Kath. (I love you!)

We are now living in Vancouver, British Columbia.  My sweet parents helped me and the boys fly up while Ryan and his dad drove my car 3,000 miles across the USA.

A quick kiss goodbye for my hubs before he left for Canada.

My dad taking care of Seth on the plane.  An i-phone always works, folks. ( And there's Jackson creepin' in the corner.)

Jackson helping his Mollie-dog look out the window as we descend into Vancouver.

We are all settled in now and trying to get adjusted to life here. Ryan is busy working while I stay home with the kiddos. They've been patient with this mama as I try to navigate unfamiliar roads, shop in unfamiliar grocery stores, use new currencies, drive in kilometers per hour rather than mph, and all the while look as cool and in control as I can. There have been funny moments and a few almost-stop-the-car-and-cry moments. But, just as only the father can do, he's given me a peace that surpasses every other emotion flailing around inside me.

Thanks to so, so many of you for the outpouring of love and support for my family as we make this transition. Both our American and Canadian friends have been awesome. I, especially, have felt loved from both sides. I've received too many emails and texts to count from my friends back home. And 1 very special card in the mail...thanks Kath. :) And after being here only a week, a welcome tea was given in my honor at the home of one of Ryan's aunt's. That was so unexpected and terribly special; I think I needed it more than I realized.  :)  Thanks Aunty Judy!

A lot has happened in the short time we've been living here.  Ryan and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary.  He took me dancing and to dinner.  Actually, he took me to dance lessons.  Go ahead and laugh. I did. I may or may not have shed a tear or two as well.

I realized, towards the end of the night, how much of a boy-mom I am when Ryan asked me if I wanted to go dancing again and I responded by saying "maybe we could go rock climbing next time?"  That threw him for a loop, even after 9 years.  I think I'd feel more steady on my feet on the side of a rock than in dancing shoes with Michael Jackson in the background telling me to beat it. Some people's hips just shouldn't move that way. Including mine.

We also had our first couple of snow days and started homeschooling. (That is a whole other blog my friends!  Just a preview: we ended the first day with only 3 blood-shedding incidents between the boys. Better than I expected).

Here's a few pics to enjoy.

It was a weird thing seeing our cars under snow!

First snowman. He borrowed my hat from Amanda. :)

Our new adventure has begun!!


  1. Elita, i read this with tears in my eyes....not because I am sad but because I rejoice in what a wonderful woman of God you have become. You are such an encouragement to other ladies and I am excited to be able to watch all that God is doing for you and your family. I know you will minister to several wonderful new friends in the years to come. You will be such a blessing to all your new friends just as you were a blessing to all of us back in the states. Dominic and I are so proud of you and Ryan and your love for one another but more so for your love for the Lord. Keep on trusting....that's our new word for this year. We don't always understand God's me I have questioned him several times....but I do trust him to know what is right for me so I encourage you to trust him again and again. Love you sweetie!
    Hugs to you all.

  2. Cute! I cried when I saw your pictures of you packing up with your friends. I'm sure it was really hard to leave what you've known. I do have to say though that I'm looking forward to getting to know you better Elita. Love you.

    1. Elita, I've been thinking so much about you these last few weeks especially. Praying for peace and for God's amazing favor and strength to be poured out on you and your family.

  3. Thanks for making me cry. I miss you so much!!!