Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Girl On The Block...

We got a dog.  That's right.  We decided, my husband and I, that our life was not yet completely crazy with the 3 boys and that we should add just 1 more element to our household. To try to meet that crazy goal we've set for ourselves, you see.  So we got a dog.  Meet Mollie:

She's cute, right?  Right.  And that's how puppies suck you in. You see them like this:

  And they win over your hearts.  At least that's how it happened with me.  I'm woman enough to admit that I loved this dog for her looks.  I thought she was cute.  That was on day 1.  And then the first night happened.  Be forewarned if you do not have a dog or have never had a dog: puppies cry. A LOT.  If you have kids, then you might think it can't be any worse than having a newborn, right?  That's what I thought.  WRONG!!!! This dog, with her sly good looks, cried worse than any of my 3 boys that whole first night.  I don't mean part of the night.  I mean 8pm-6am. That dog whined and barked and cried the entire time.  And guess who slept almost all of the next day?

...Having said all of that, just like a newborn, Mollie has gotten better.  She sleeps now, thankfully. She pees (less) in the house. And she is still just as cute now as she was then.  My favorite thing about Mollie? Besides her crazy green eyes, it's the way she sits.  Check it out:

She sits very far back on her bum.  Kinda like a rabbit.  It makes me laugh.

I love you Mollie!  But please stop peeing in my house.


  1. Oh this post made me laugh!!! Too bad they didn't have "Puppywise" :)

  2. Lori! You are so right! I told Ryan the same thing. I said "give me a book about a dog that tells me exactly what to do and I can do it. I hate winging it!" Puppywise sounds *brilliant*