Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to My World...

As if I'm not busy enough being the mother to three lively boys 5 and under, I decided to start a blog.  If for no other reason, it will be fun to chronicle the exciting and somewhat, shall we say extraordinary, life I share with a house full of boys. This includes my nearly-30 year old husband who is every bit man, but I see the little boy in him as he wrestles, almost nightly, with our boys.  So, welcome to my world! Where all things spiderman are welcome in our home and wrestling is an acceptable form of granting forgiveness.  It's all okay, though. Because, and I say this honestly, I am in love with these boys, in love with this life God has blessed me with.  Never in a million years did I think this would be my life.  But, boy am I glad it is.


  1. I like the last sentence..."'boy' am I glad it is." How appropriate!! I will probably enjoy reading this more than anyone else, so I'm happy I am the first to comment!!

  2. Elita.....As AMAZE me.....from knowing you as a little girl to the wonderful young wife & Mother you are...I say , "Yeah to you & Hallelujah!! to God for His Goodness to us all!!! " I have loved you all your life (sort of like an aunt, right?), and will cheer you on in your Blessed journey! Thanks , K, for clueing me into this Blog!! Love you all! Miss Greta